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Arturo Brachetti

Company Gala Show

logo brachetti

Company Gala Show

logo brachetti

The show Arturo specially created for company galas. An easily transportable 45 minutes performance that can be quickly staged in any teather or conference hall suitable for a stage with ring.

This show is composed of extracts from his last shows. On the stage Arturo performs his incredible character transformations with costume changes fast as a blink of an eye. He pushes his limits with a 25 characters hat routine, plays with “nothing”, carves the lights with his bare hands, draws dreams on the sands and brings the magic of the snow on the audience.

Around the World

15 costumes quick change performance

Arturo starts his journey in the world of fantasy  where all dreams become reality. A trip around the world made of quick changes, in and out his trunk, giving birth to serveral different characters. A strongly visual costume change performance where Arturo shows all his skills. From a “standard” coat and jacket look, he turns himself into a Napolitan, a French cook, a Cossack, a blue Chinese, a Red Chinese, a Spanish bullfighter, an American starlet, a Brazilian carnival girl, a fakir, a mariachi, a Marajah, african dancer and back again to the “normal” Arturo. Behind him a video screen shows the path of his journey around the world, Country by Country.

The mad hat

One hat, 25 characters

Arturo speaks with the audience telling the story of how his artistic life started in his attic, where he passed his aternnons playinf with his grandpa’s hat. With this only hat, he plays 25 different characters: from the Cussack to William Tell, from Scarlett O’Hara to the fireman, from a Samurai to Napoleon. A brilliant performance in its simplicity.

Shadows Puppetry

Discovering the wild animals

Arturo goes on with his story. When he was alone in his granpa’s attic, he was experimenting with chinese shadows using the moonlight. The lights go down and on the notes of Philip Glass, Arturo carves the light. With the only use of his hands he brings the audience into the land of wild animals.

Imaginary Stick

miming and fantasy

Arturo performs his mime and fantasy poetic act. An invisible hair or string is the key to a story made of mimics, music and sound effects. “Doing with nothing”.

Sand Art

painting dreams

Arturo’s skillful hands are now painting a world of dreams, lights and sounds, transforming a drawing into another one while the audience watches the sand brought to life on the screen behind him.



Arturo traces the history of 20th Century pop music, from Edith Piaf to Beyoncé, through The Beatles, Pavarotti, Freddie Mercury, Madonna, Céline Dion and Michael Jackson.


From Black to White

After a short video, Arturo comes back on the stage dressed as a workman, with a bucket in his hand. When he started dis career he was nothing more than a propman. In less than one second he transforms. Now he’s dressed in a black tailcoat.He brings the snow on the stage and he transforms one last time, appearing dressed in white tailcoat in a blink of an eye in front of an astonished audience.

Arturo Brachetti, the Artist

logo brachetti

Arturo Brachetti is an Italian worldwide famous artist. In many Countries he’s considered a living legend in theatre and performing arts. He’s also a passionate and skilled artistic director of artistic comedies, magic and variety.

Brachetti is nowdays the greatest quick-change artist in the world, with a “portfolio” of over 350 characters, 100 in a single show.

The greatest quick-change artist in the world



For his one man show



In his repertoire



In 100 minutes

Technical Information

3D Virtual Tour

View the stage and discover the spaces

The show can be represented in any theater, hall or congress room, as long as a “theatrical” situation can be created: stage, black dressing room, background, ring rig or rigging loft.
A technical verification or inspection is however mandatory. It is imprtant for Arturo to receive as many information as possible regarding the locationand its conformation.
The stage has to be available the day before the show for rehersals and staging.
Services and technical requests

Lights, video and sound services are excluded from our supply.

Arte Brachetti supplies
  • Stage prop trunk to be positioned at te centre of the stage
  • Backlit table for sand art performance
  • Full HD handheld camera with MINI HDMI output for sand art performance
  • The stage should be open on the front and covered on the two sides and on the back, with the audience facing the front side only.
  • Minimum length: 8-10 m.
  • Minimum depth 6-8 m.
  • Minimum stage floor height: 70-80 cm
  • Minimum overall height: 5m.
  • Proper climatization is required. Maximum temperature 18-20°C (64-68°F).
  • The stage should be a “black box“, with three covered sides and for wings.
  • We would need a curtain background to be mounted at 1.5 m distance from the back of the stage. In this way a hidden corridor can be created to be used by Arturo’s assistants. Dressig rooms should be accessible from that corridor.
  • The stage floor should be dark. Black or dark gray moquette or dance mat.
  • We request the presence ofi 4 porters for loading and unloading the material
  • It is necessary a fog machine for the opening, the finale and the ambient mist.
  • It is also necessary a 220V socket (or equivalent with adaptor foritalian sockets), on the front of the stage, where the sand art backlit table is positioned.
  • A stepladder to get on the stage from the front will be needed.
  • Front Full HD projector and 4x3m screen (or 16:9 equivalent)
  • In alternative, 8×2,5m led wall Led Wall di dimensioni 8×2,5m, at least 6 mm pass, or equivalent in 16:9 proportions
  • MINI HDMI to HDMI adapter
  • HDMI signal transport from the stage to the operator console (over SDI, Ethernet or optical signal)
  • in alternative, FULL HD camera to be mount on top of the backlit sandart table, with manual focus, exposire and white balance adjustments.
  • Sotware or media server for media content management (possibly Millumin over OSX)
  • Capture card (possibly Blackmagic Intensity Extreme) or switch for HDMI camera signal.

Arte Brachetti’s staff is composed of 6-7 people including Arturo.

Dressing rooms

2 closed dressing rooms close to the stage with backstage access will be necessary. The main dressing room, if possible, should be positioned as close as the backstage as possible.

  • A dressing room for costumes ad equipment, at least 4x4m. A wide table for costumes preparation, a stand for the costumes, an electrical socket, a full figure mirror.
  • A dressing room for Arturo with make up table, mirror and light. A table and a couch for Arturo to rest on.
  • A dressing room for the technicians
  • Toilets and shower nearby.

A good light design is a main show aspect to be took care of to achieve a good result. A proper lights console should be programmed during the rehersals on the day before the show or the same day.

  • # 12 Mobile Spot Heads 575/700 CMY or equivalent
  • # 1 Seguipersona 1200 con conversione o gelatine ambra
  • Proper lights console, for storing at least 50 cues + gobos
  • Fog machine big enough to draw the lights
  • # 2 small dimmerable snow machines to be hung on the truss.

IMPORTANT: At least 3 hours are needed to program and store at least 50 light cues. It is mandadory for the light technician to know the hardware and software he’s using.
The troupe must possess a good theatrical experience and technical skills. These skills are absolutely necessary for the success of the show.

  • Sound amplification for voice and music, commesurate to the location.
  • Mini Jack socket and cable to connect Macbook Pro audio output
  • Microphone for Arturo: “DPA 4061” with Shure adapter. Body Pack only.
  • # 1 radio handheld microphone with stand. Two stage sound monitors, with and without stand.
  • # 7  Radio Intercom

Arturo uses his levalier microphone, Sennheiser DPA6041 skin toned, to be taped close to his ear. The sound service should provide a body pack transmitter with Shure socket, big and small. We have adapters. Backup microphones are needed.


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