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by and starring Arturo Brachetti
Associated director: David Ottone (Yllana Company)
Assistant Director: Luca Bono
The cameraman: Kevin Michael Moore
Special FX and illusionism consultant: Paul Kieve, Paolo Carta
Original score: Fabio Valdemarin
Costumes designer: Zaira de Vincentiis, Naples
Assistant costumes designer: Marianna Carbone
Costumes made by: The One, Rome
Foam rubber sculptures: Maurizio Crocco, Napoli
Wigs: Mario Audello, Turin
Production design: Rinaldo Rinaldi
Video artist and visual design: Riccardo Antonino in collaboration with Robin Studio
Stagecraft: Officine Contesto, Nonatola (MO)
Scenic structures: Carlo Bono
Miniature home: Matteo Piedi, Zero Studio
Special FX: MACH.ME di Picca Vittorio, Mattia Boschi
Sand painting artistic collaboration: Paolo Carta, Simona Gandola Coreography: Jennifer Caodaglio

SOLO is a 90-minute surrealist show, made of magic, illusions, lights, lasers. 10 sketches during which over 50 characters come to life thanks to the talent of the great Italian quick-change artist Arturo Brachetti. Arturo tells his fantasies and his dreams through a miniature house, symbolizing the memories that each of us holds in their heads and in their hearts. The house becomes a set and Arturo invites the public to come and go through 7 different rooms, each one associated with a memory or a fantasy that Arturo wanders through with his magic and transformations.