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written and directed by Arturo Brachetti


with Gaetano Triggiano, Luca Bono, I Lucchettino, Mister David

Magiko! is the key to the realm of fantasy, where magic, comedy and wonder merge to become a new brand of show making.

Magiko! is a new project, which stages illusionism close to European and global trends. It fully expresses the shift taking place in the world of magic, mixing its art with the tradition of Italian variety and the complex, multifaceted identity of contemporary theatre, from circus to comedy.

Magiko! was born from the sparkly fantasy of Arturo Brachetti , a leading artist on the international scene and a beloved character in our country. Italy’s “most famous tuft” with this project brings together those artists sharing his same show-making philosophy amalgamating everything and thus creating a unique combination of which irony, style and energy are the distinctive features.

In Magiko! the world of variety is unveiled in all its forms, suddenly transitioning between illusionism, comic acts, poetic situations, mysterious moments, with laughter and incredible mysteries. An event for the whole family, which amuses both adults and children!

On stage the artists who give life to such an amazing, fast paced show, transporting the spectator into a fantasy world where everything is possible: Luca Bono, “enfant prodige” of Italian magic, Luca & Tino (Luca Regina and Tino Fimiani) dazed and unlikely comically-crazy “wizards” and Mister David, astonishing juggler and escapologist. The scene is completed by the “masters” of the great illusions, friends of Arte Brachetti, who alternately join the cast of Magiko!: the dynamic and engaging Gaetano Triggiano, capable of amazing surprises; Erix Logan, illusionist with breathtaking performances that also feature Sara Maya with her unique and enchanting voice.