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Eccentric Comedy Clown Oniric


with Luca Regina and Tino Fimiani


directed by Arturo Brachetti

The brilliant Luca and the unlikely Tino are laughter professionals, as well as jugglers, illusionists and actors. Together they form one of the very rare pairs of comedians that go back to the tradition of variety, revisiting it in a contemporary way with influences from surrealism.

To every show they bring their great experience gained over the years: from the streets to the most peculiar stages, up to great internationally renowned theaters.

The direction is curated by the great Arturo Brachetti, performer acclaimed all over the world, former director and artistic director of great shows, comedies and successful musicals, in Italy and abroad.

BEHOLD! spectators, get ready to face an evening of laughter and comedic delirium lead by Luca and Tino. Because they too are often in total confusion, caught between non-existent objects and grotesque moments.

Sketches alternate quickly, flowing into each other and giving rise to more absurd situations. The stage turns into an undefined space-time continuum from where their journey into pure laughter begins.