starring Arturo Brachetti


and with Luca&Tino, Luca Bono, Francesco Scimemi, Kevin Michael Moore


directed by Davide Calabrese (tour 2015)
directed by Davide Livermore (tour 2014)
artistic advisor Leo Ortolani
laser advisor Théo Dary
original music Fabio Valdemarin
off stage voices Alberta Izzo

After the incredible success of “Man of a thousand faces” and “Ciak”, and the triumph of the recent “Comedy Majik Cho” tour of Canada and France, Italy’s “most famous tuft” goes back to his birthplace, with a new extraordinary and unpredictable show: “Brachetti, che Sorpresa!

Arturo is in a place full of suitcases, cases and trunks from all over the world. A limbo as mysterious as it is fascinating, full of objects and stories collected during long journeys and of curious characters who somehow stumbled in there. Will Arturo find his lost red suitcase? To do so, like in a videogame, he will face challenges and levels… a bit like in life, right?

Arturo, the greatest quick-change artist in the world, does not disappoint his audience and offers a “best of” his quick-change numbers, an art he himself reinvented  that made him famous and acclaimed everywhere in the planet: in the blink of an eye (maybe two) he is transformed before the eyes of the audience, from hat to shoes. A kaleidoscope of characters made with great costumes or with only a few items, to remind us that “with little you can do everything, just let yourself give in to imagination.”

Brachetti is a full-fledged artist, able to switch from transformation with other performances that will leave people in awe: the charm of shadow puppetry, the thrill of sand painting and much more.

Fellow adventurers, its eclectic and unusual friends: Luca Bono, “blue eyes of magic”, a young international talent of illusionism; Luca & Tino, hilarious, dazed and improbable artists, dubbed by the prestigious French newspaper Le Figaro as “the Italian Laurel and Hardy”; Francesco Scimemi, as ingenious and unpredictable as he has ever been, and Kevin Michael Moore, an alter ego of the protagonist.

There are two brand new acts: lasers, handled and shaped during the narration; and a stage shaped live through the innovative technique called video mapping, used for the first time in Italy in a variety show.

After the 2014 edition, directed by Davide Livermore, “Brachetti, che sorpresa!” 2015 is realized under the direction of David Calabrese and the artistic consultancy of renowned comic book writer Leo Ortolani.

The underlying theme is illusionism, which Arturo interprets in a contemporary way: an amazing journey into fantasy in which the great artist, as a guide, will lead the audience by the hand.

“Brachetti che sorpresa!”  was applauded in Italy by 38,000 spectators in the 2013/14 season.