the greatest quick change performer in the world

Arturo appeared in Italy, magic city of excellence, in 1957, but his career started in Paris, where, as the only quick change performer in the world, he re-invented and took back to life the lost art of Fregoli, becoming the main attraction of Paradis Latin. From this point on his career is relentless, in a continuos crescendo that defined him as an international level artist. He performed in the four corners of the World, in several languages and hundreds of theaters. Brachetti is the creator of the modern quick change performances and the greatest quick change artist in the world, with a portfolio of over 350 characters, over 100 played in a single show.

In 2000, France assigned him the Molière prize (the French Tony Award) as best theatrical actor; in 2010 he won the Lawrence Olivier Award, English prize; in 2011, in France again, he was nominated Commander of the Order for merit recognition by the French. Another award from the world of magic: in 2013 he becomes part of the Inner Magic Circle, the restricted group of the 300 most important maglician of all time, living and not.

During the evolution of his career he touched every aspect of the world of show making, being on the stage, behind the camera and recently behind the theater wings. Arturo as a director wisely mixes quick change, comedy, illusionism, lights and shadows games, stirring everything with magic and culture.

He has a strong connection with Italian culture and brings on the stage all its distinctive aspects: quality, love for “beauty”, taste and more than everything fantasy.


italian enfant prodige of magic

He became interested in magic at the age of 14: in a very short time he started to work with experienced illusionists and stage performers from all around the world. When he was just 17 he won the Italian Magic Championship with an excellent magic number, both visually and technically: quick change, cards and balls manipulation, original music, acting and great illusion for the finale. The story of his exhibition is simple: a boy in his room magically transforms and makes everything possible.
In summer 2010 he took part with international performers to the tour “Brachetti & Friends“, directed by Arturo Brachetti and held in the most important italian squares, scoring an audience of 50.000 people in Piazza del Duomo, during the Ambrosian Carnival in Milan.
In 2012, Luca is one of the youngest competitors ever in the Magic World Championship in Blackpool, UK. In October, in Paris, Luca received the prestigious Mandrake d’Or prize, the “Oscar” of illusionism, assigned to the best performers of the year selected all around the world.
He took part in France to the famous tv show “Le plus grand cabaret du monde“. At the end of his exhibition (prime time on France2, 5mln spectators) the audience called him back on the stage and granted him a standing ovation.
A regular guest on TV shows, Luca is one of the protagonist of La grande magia – The illusionist, talent show competition between 36 young illusionist from several countries between the ages of 13 and 28. The show was aired on Canale5 starting from January 2013. Luca was the only Italian finalist.
His discovery of magic was unusual: after an accident in the Kart Championship, Luca was forced to immobility in hospital. His older brother Davide, passioned magician, entertained him with some tricks… and the passion infected him.


Irresistible and absurd comedians

On a stage somewhere in the world they met the great clown Jango Edwards, director of their show “CATZ”. Another important artist for the career is the famous greek actor Ieroclis Mihailidis (Agamo fite show), with whom they made an intense tour in Greece.
For a certain period of time they worked separately and then met again in 2012, thanks to the encouragement of Arturo Brachetti, living performing art legend, now their director. Luca e Tino share with Arturo the same show philosophy: performing for the great audience for high quality shows.
In 2013 they have been special guests in Comediada, important international clownerie festival held every year in Ukraine.
Luca and Tino are part of the cast of Magiko! and Brachetti & His friends.