written and directed by Arturo Brachetti


with Gaetano Triggiano, Luca Bono, I Lucchettino, Mister David

Magiko! si the key to the realm of fantasy, in which magic, comedy and surprise are melting together to become a new way of show making.
Magiko is a new project, putting up a how of illusionism very close to the european and world trends. It fully express the change going on in the world of magic, mixing it with traditional Italian variety and the complex identity of the contemporary theatre, from circus arts to comedy.
Magiko! was born from the sparkly fantasy of Arturo Brachetti, international top class artist. The most famous italian tuft gathers in this show those artists sharing with him the same show-making philosophy, mixing all together in an unique recipe of irony, style and energy.

In Magiko! the world of variety is unveiled in all its shapes, quickly changing between illusionism, comedian performances, poetic and misterious moments. An event for the whole family, adults and children.
On the stage the artists give life to an amaziong show that brings the audience to a fantasy where everything is possible: Luca Bono, Italian enfant prodige of magic, Luca&Tino (Luca Regina and Tino Fimiani) dazed and absurd “magicians”, hilariously mad and Mister David amazing juggler and escapologist. Together with them, the masters of great illusions, friends of Arte Brachetti, alternating in the cast: Gaetano Triggiano, fascinating and dynamic, capable of astonishing surprises; Erix Logan with his breath-taking illusions, together with Sara Maya with her unique and enchanting voice.