Eccentric Comedy Clown Oniric


with Luca Regina and Tino Fimiani


directed by Arturo Brachetti

The brilliant Luca and the absurd Tino are professionals of the laughs, jugglers and actors. Together they are one of the rare comic duos, reshaping the variety tradition in a modern dress with influences from the surrealism.
In their show they bring their long experience, grown in years of shows in the most incredible stages and international theatres.
The director of the show is Arturo Brachetti, artist of worldwide fame, director of big shows, musical and comedies in Italy and abroad.
Audience! prepare to a night of laughs and comedy delirium lead by Luca and Tino.Yes, because they are in total confusion, between non existent objects and grotesque moments.
Funny situation quickly alternate, opening one into another and gicing life to absurd situations. The stage transforms in an indefinite space-time continuum from which their travel into pure laughs begins.