with Arturo Brachetti


and with Luca&Tino, Luca Bono, Mister David, Andrzej & Tomasz


written and directed by Arturo Brachetti

A night of memories and fantasy Arturo Brachetti shares with his audience, starting from the first magic tricks brought back to life on the stage, continuing to the encounters with the most talented artists he came to know in his long international career: friends inflaming the audience with impressive numbers of strenght, ability, illusionism and comedy.
Today back on the scene eith him in this show Luca&Tino (Luca Regina and Tino Fimiani), irresistible, exhilarating and absurd magicians-comedians; Luca Bono, young talent of illusionism with the impossible in his hands; Mister David, breath taking juggler capable of extreme escapology shows; Andrzej & Tomasz, iron-bodied Polish acrobats, famous worldwide for their strenght and grace performances.

During the show Brachetti proposes some of his best numbers from the repertoire that made him famous: from Paris, to London, to Shanghai. In A blink of an eye Arturo makes the emotion real through his charachters. A simple hat brim can transform him in a bullfighter or in a mute films acrtress, a coat and a jacket become the exotic dresses of a samurai or a Bedouin. Arturo Brachetti transforms in a kaleidoscope of characters thanks to his fantasy and mimics: on the stage you can do everything with nothing.
The finale is epic and poetic, with stage effects concluding a night so magic that everything can happen!